Macsons is a full service demolition and environmental company with a comprehensive range of abilities as follows:

Heavy Demolition


Building demolition (alt. demolishion) involves complete deconstruction of an existing structure and the safe removal of potentially hazardous  materials, including friable asbestos, vermiculite, black mold removal, lead removal, and popcorn ceilings.  Asbestos abatement and lead and mold removal in schools, colleges, government facilities, and commercial office buildings.  This is typically followed up by job site clearing and grading of existing work site.


Selective Demolition


Select Demolition involves careful deconstruction of a specially selected structure, or parts of structures, in a carefully controlled environment. Requires removal of parts of a structure, while maintaining the integrity of the building as a whole.


Asbestos Abatement


Safe and contained removal and disposal of environmentally hazardous asbestos bearing materials like vermiculite insulation, floor tiles, and popcorn ceilings, which contain toxic or harmful substances. In many cases the removal of asbestos floor tile and mastic containing asbestos necessitates a speedy floor covering replacement. Macsons offers limited services that can provide quality floor covering and installation, saving time cost and hassle of having to deal with multiple contractors and separate jobs.


PCB Removal and Disposal


Careful removal and containment of materials containing PCBs, (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) and safe waste disposal, ranging in consistency from heavy oily liquid to a  waxy solid. Widely used in electrical equipment  commonly found in building structures erected prior to 1980, these substances are now environmentally controlled in  legislation made by the EPA (Environmental  Protection Agency.)


Lead Removal and Disposal


Removal of materials containing lead, such as paint, lead bars, and lead piping, subject to legislation enforced by the EPA pertaining to lead removal, for the protection and prevention of related health issues.


Mold Remediation


Mold remediation and mold removal can be required because of illnesses caused by organic microbes, respiratory issues or even death. Insulation and other mold bearing materials requiring mold treatment are to be contained and the affected areas removed according EPA guideline.  Select Floor Recovering is also available (following abatement.)


Materials Recycling


Macsons can recycle up to 95% of the materials that are produced from demolition.  We have a yard in Bowers Hill, where with Macsons' owned equipment several acres are dedicated to recycling.  We also crush and process materials directly on job sites, when they are to be reused in reconstruction, often as under-laments to new building or parking lot foundations.


(See DePaul Hospital lot as an example.)