Macsons Heavy Demolition

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Circuit Court • City of Norfolk • 2016

Heavy Demolition Projects and Job Sheets

Heavy Demolition of Norfolk Courts

City of Norfolk Circuit Court


Demolition of the Circuit Court in Norfolk consisted of demolishing 102,500 square feet of the two story building in Downtown, including the steel framed underground basement. Heavy Demolition included recycling over 95% of deconstructed materials. Select Demolition required “soft” stripping the entire building, with complete removal of all materials throughout the structure that were not made of metal, brick, or concrete. Abatement included all friable and non-friable PCB, mercury, and asbestos. Over 3,715 tons of concrete were recycled. The building was less than 60 feet from City Hall, which remained open and active throughout demolition, with no interruptions.



Download PDF of Norfolk Circuit Court

Download PDF of General District Court

Precision Demolition by New Courthouse

City of Norfolk General District Court


The Norfolk General District Court demolition required precise deconstruction of an area of structure, which was tightly situated between the General Safety Building and the new General District Courts building, with only a 6" clearance. Built in 1960, the 52,000 SF steel framed, reinforced concrete structure required careful select demolition of a 2 1/2 story building. Demolition was successfully achieved with no damage to either building. Safety Building stayed in operation with no interruptions due to demo activities. Over 95%, or 2000+ tons of demolished materials were recycled. Abatement included all PCB & mercury, friable and non-friable asbestos, insulation, mastic, and window glazing. Abatement took 2,200 man hours to implement, and was completed on time.



Parking Deck Dismantled During Active  Hours


Lynnhaven Mall Parking Ramp,

Virginia Beach VA


This job selectively deconstructed 89,000 square feet of a two-story parking garage, processing over 5,000 cubic yards of concrete. Concrete reinforced columns were removed, with 99% of the concrete (3,500 cubic yards) being crushed and processed on site for reuse. 5000 tons of recycled material was used as the underlayment for the new parking long. The entire scope of the work was performed while the mall stayed open, with no interruptions to mall services throughout the entire job.



Download PDF of Lynnhaven Mall Parking Ramp

Entire Demolition Implemented On Water


Hog Island Coast Guard Station Demolition, Hog Island VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION of Hog Island Coast Guard Station required transporting all heavy equipment and labor to the island on water by barge. After completion, all materials and debris was again removed by barge, leaving the coastline in a restored, environmentally pristine state.



Download PDF of Hog Island CG Station

Heavy Demolition of an Old Elementary School.

Meadowbrooke Elementary School Demolition, Norfolk VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION of the existing 46,000 square foot structure was completed, after full abatement of all friable materials was completed. In close proximity to the surrounding neighborhood Macsons crews worked with minimal interruption to residents. Twenty mature trees were preserved, buildings were demolished and over 75% of the materials were recycled, keeping them out of area landfills. Macsons completed every aspect of the project with trained in-house workers.



Download PDF of Meadowbrooke School

Total Demolition On Time, in Tight Deadline


Mitsubishi Toner Plant Demolition, Chesapeake VA


This project included demolition, removal, and disposal of approximately 74,000 SF of a 3.5 story industrial ink toner plant. Prior to demolition, Macsons hand-washed 64,000 square feet of the plant to remove flammable toner dust. Over 3 miles of piping, structural steel, and the entire slab was cleaned, water collected in holding tanks, and removed from the site following strict EPA and state storm water pollution and prevention guide lines.




Download PDF of Mitsubishi Building

Controlled Collapse Within 4' of Open Hospital Wing


DePaul Hospital Medical Center Renovation, Norfolk VA


Demolition, hauling and disposal of the Vincent Building at DePaul Medical Center, immediately adjacent to active hospital areas.  An estimated 98% of the building debris was retrieved and recycled on site by Macsons as the foundation for the new Doctors Parking Lot, also implemented by Macsons.  After abatement and selective demolition of interiors, the five story building was collapsed within minutes, making way for new construction several months later.




Download PDF of DePaul Job Profile

Demolition of NASA Facility Protects Active Communication Lines


NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center Demolition, Eastern Shore VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION of multiple buildings and launch-pad facility as well as removal of asbestos and protection of active NASA Space Station communication lines running through crawl space of buildings selected for demolition. Job required disconnect of all electrical and cooling systems, site work,  along with backfill and landscaping.



Download PDF of NASA Job Profile

Demolition Implemented During Busy Christmas Season


Lynnhaven Mall ~ Lorde & Taylor Renovation, Virginia Beach, VA


HEAVY & SELECT DEMOLITION required removal of over 152,000 square feet of materials in both heavy and selective demolition, with no interruption of open stores, including increased consumer traffic from the opening of the Apple store, and introduction of  iPhone 6.



Download PDF - Lynnhaven Mall Job Profile

Demolition on Virginia Beach Oceanfront


Golden Sands Hotel Demolition • VA Beach Oceanfront


HEAVY DEMOLITION for this project included demolition, removal, and disposal of approximately 5,300 square feet of a 3 story hotel, and an additional 25,000 square feet of a five story hotel at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach. The project also entailed the removal and disposal of non-friable asbestos materials, and off-site recycling of concrete block, brick, and asphalt into crushed stone. The project was successfully completed in a safe manner on Atlantic Avenue at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, which is directly adjacent to the famous Virginia Beach Boardwalk.



Download PDF of Golden Sands Job Profile

Demolition 150' From Active Military

Flight Line






US Coast Guard Demolition • Thrun Hall Barracks, Hatteras VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION:  Structural demolition was pre-engineered and taken down in four coordinated controlled collapses, all in one day. The building itself was within 150ft of an active military flight line, no interruptions to the air field ever occurred. 95% of all building components were recycled  creating over 12,000 tons of reusable product. Macsons performed the work 100% in-house to include the abatement, demolition, and crushing operation.



Download PDF of Thrun Barracks Job Profile

Safe Demolition In Open University


CNU Campus Buildings Demolition, Newport News VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION:  This project consisted of heavy and select demolition of a former bowling alley, credit union, theater, science center and student dorms. Also, asbestos, lead & PCB removal, disposal and backfill was required. The work was executed safely and without issue while the campus remained open to the public during ongoing classes.



Download PDF of Student Center Profile

Removal & Disposal of 110,000 Sq. Feet


Great Neck Middle School Replacement Demolition, Virginia Beach VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION: The scope of work for this project included demolition, removal and disposal of approximately 110,060 sq ft of a two story school.  Additionally, the project entailed removal and disposal of non-friable asbestos, as well as PCB contaminated materials. All concrete materials were salvaged and crushed on-site for reuse.



Download PDF, Great Neck School Job Profile

All Materials Recycled & Reused On Site


Kempsville Recreation Center Replacement Demolition, Virginia Beach VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION: The scope of work for this project included demolition, removal, and disposal of approximately 74,000 SF of a three story recreation center. Prior to demolition, friable and non-friable asbestos materials were removed. Along with the demolition and abatement activities, over 93%, (equating to approximately 11,000 tons) of the building materials being were recycled. All Concrete, brick, block, and asphalt materials were crushed on site, with the majority of these materials being reused on site, during the construction of the new recreation center.



Download PDF of Gymnasium Job Profile

Download PDF of Crossroads Elementary

Condemned Plant Completely Removed


Gwaltney Meat Packing Plant Demolition, Portsmouth VA


The Gwaltney meat manufacturing plant project, in Portsmouth VA, consisted of the heavy demolition of 137,000 square feet of steel framed structure, in two stories. Abatement required safe removal of PCB mercury, Freon gas, and materials containing friable and non-friable asbestos.  Deconstruction included crushing and recycling of  13,000 tons of concrete for use on site, 9,000 cubic yards of concrete was processed to 21 A/B spec material. Over 850 tons of metal was separated, removed and recycled. For completion, the entire site was rough graded for future new construction.




19,000 Tons of Demolished Concrete: 95% Recycled


P513 School Barracks Fort Eustis Demolition, Newport News VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION of Buildings 532, 533 and site involved HAZMAT demolition, remediation, and disposal of asbestos, lead, PCB's and mercury; and soil to a depth of 18" below building footprints.  Slabs, foundations, and pile caps were demolished. Site demolition saw-cut and removed asphalt, concrete, curbs and timber piles. Debris was for the most part entirely recycled.




Download PDF of US Army P513 Barracks

4-story Buildings and Tower Demolished


Smithfield Foods South Plant Demolition, Smithfield VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION included asbestos abatement and disposal; in manifested loads, followed by demolition of the existing Smithfield Packing South Plant. Demolished areas were backfilled back up to grade with select fill, compacted in 1" lifts to 95% compaction. Four inches (4") of topsoil and seeding of the entire area completed the job.



Download PDF of Smithfield Foods Plant

Exterior Asbestos Panels Removed Prior to Demolition


CMC Rebar Building Demolition, Norfolk VA



PROJECT required abatement removal and disposal of friable and non-friable materials, followed by complete heavy demolition of the building. Four men with boom lifts executed the work one panel at a time. Heavy demolition removed and disposed of three warehouses and an office building totaling 64,074 square feet.



Download PDF of CMC Rebar Building

4 & 5 Story Buildings Removed, with All Ground Structures


Old Holiday Inn Petersburg Demolition, Petersburg VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION Asbestos abatement, PCB/Mercury removal and demolition of four and five story hotel structures. Demolition included over 87,500 SF of building structures, the removal of 8,400 SF of asphalt. Recycling created over 15,000 tons of re-usable products from debris. Macsons performed the work 100% in house, restoring the former building site to green space.



Download PDF of Old Holiday Inn

Tunnel Bridge Removed in One Weekend


Norfolk Midtown Tunnel Bridge Removal, Norfolk VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION for this project required demolition of a retired railroad bridge overpassing the eastern mouth of the Norfolk Midtown Tunnel to be implemented in a one weekend closure. The work area was restricted to the 22’ limited access road bed, with the bridge being 16' above grade. Two excavators were used, utilizing special processors, hammers, and buckets.  All materials were moved and recycled in Macsons crushing yard.



Download PDF of Midtown Tunnel Bridge

Demolition Includes Crushing & Recycling

Yorktown Victory Center Demolition, Yorktown VA


HEAVY DEMOLITION  of these buildings was a two-phase project, including the demolition of Welcome Center Theater and the Maintenance Garage. Macsons demolished 57,700 sf of a 3 story Museum, completing the job in 15 weeks, with 4 excavators, and an average 6 man crew. All brick, block, and concrete were crushed on site to fill the existing site for future use. The project was completed during activities and tours of the new museum and its grounds, less than 100yds away.



Download PDF of Yorktown Victory Center