ODU • Foreman Field Stadium


View of Foreman Field stadium, demolished by Macsons in fall 2018.
View over the playing field of Forman Field stadium demolished at ODU.
Foreman Field structure underneath the stadium before demolition
View of Foreman Field logo in brickwork of stadium prior to demolition.
View looking down field showing both stadiums to be demolished at Foreman Field.
Panoramic shot of stadiums, after demolition.
View taken by a drone, showing an excavator chewing away at the stadium.
View showing the west stadium before demolition.
West stadium AFTER 90% demolition is complete.
View showing brick-work of Foreman Field and logo in relief in west stadium, before it was taken down forever.

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Lee Hall • Water Treatment Plant

Massive underground demolition at old Lee Hall Water Treatment Plant, Newport News VA
Water Treatement Holding Wells at demolished Water Treatment Plant
Excavators clearing out rubble to be reused in lanscaping of Water Treatment Plant, after heavy demolition.
Aerial view of holding wells at treatment plant demolition
Full aerial drone photograph of Lee Hall water treatment plant
Demolition excavator work at Lee Hall WTP
Lee Hall Water Treatment Plant reservior deconstruction
Drone image of underground water holding tank demolished by Macsons at Lee Hall Water Treatement Plant
Finished grading of underground holding tank at Lee Hall
Drone view of graded area at Lee Hall WTP
Alt view of graded area taken by drone at Lee Hall WTP
Grading of acorage, Lee Hall Water Treatment Plant

Ivy Tower • Select Demolition & Abatement

Safety wrapped Ivy Tower Building during select demolition and abatement, Hampton VA
Ground view looking up at scaffolding, Ivy Tower, Hampton VA
Materials drop shute for disposal at demolition, Ivy Tower, Hampton VA
Closeup photo showing scaffolding structure behind safety screen in select demolition of Ivy Tower, Hampton VA
Inside scaffolding, Ivy Tower select demolition, Hampton VA
Safety stairs on scaffolding at Ivy Tower abatement, Hampton VA
View looking out from interior of safety scaffolding, Ivy Tower, Hampton VA

United Methodist Steeple • Select Demolition & Abatement

Fire abatement and select demolition after fire inside United Methodist Church steeple, Portsmout VA
Closeup of materials damaged by fire in steeple, United Methodist Church.
Scaffold built to deconstruct and dispose burnt steeple framing after fire.
View looking up inside steeple, showing extent of damage by fire.
Cranes working structure for burnt materials removal and church steeple fire.
Street level view of scaffolding at church steeple fire.
Downward view from scaffold of burnt materials to ground floor level, showing extent of fire damage.

Lynnhaven Fishing Pier • Select Demolition

Area in Chesapeake Bay where Lynnhaven Fishing pier was being demolished. This is a full view, before demolition from the water.
Closeip view of the pier which shows pilings worn and rotted over time from severe weather and harsh salt-sea environment.
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier-view showing pier surface after being removed by hand.
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier-view showing half the pier remaining after the other half being removed from water side.
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier-view showing excavator removing pilings from barge.
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier-view of pier during piling removal by barge.
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier-demolition operations are kept on time by 24 hour working through the night.
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier-view showing barge lights and piling removal at night
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier-view showing night operations for water based demolition
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier-view showing last remaining surface area retained after demolition-80% removed from the water.
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier-view showing damaged pilings from time and exposure
Lynnhaven Fishing Pier-View showing demolition completion with remainder of pier left for scenic overlook of Bay.

Whittaker Building • Select and Abatement

Wittaker Buliding-View of abandoned hospital before improvement and repurposing.

Plume Street • Select and Abatement

Landrum Hall • William & Mary College

Larchmont Elementary School

Fort Eustis - Building 811 Dormitory

CNU Library Building Renovation

Interstate 64 Overpass at Ft. Eustis

Fairlead Boatworks - PCB Soil Excavation

K-Mart to Walmart - Interior Select Demolition

Riverdale Plaza: Three Building Demolition

Sentara Hospital Selective Brick Veneer Removal

JC Penny Select Demolition at Military Circle Mall

Lynnhaven Mall Parking Ramp Demolition

Lincoln Park Implosion

Midtown Tunnel Ceiling Demolition

Cinemark Theater - Chesapeake Square

Mitsubishi Toner Plant

Norfolk City Circuit Court

Norfolk City General District Court


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