Macsons Asbestos & Environmental

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PCB Soil Excavation & Replenishment

Fairlead Boatworks ~ Yard, Hampton VA


To clear the affected area of contaminated ground fill, Macsons implemented comprehensive boring sampling to delineate the extent of contaminated soil, including a complete waste characterization. The work also included the excavation of contaminated soils down to the water table. Contaminated materials were then packaged, loaded, and hauled away for the disposal of generated hazardous waste.



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Lead Paint Remediation For Welding in Hull

Fairlead Boatworks ~ Interior Hull Restoration, Hampton VA


Macsons' completed the abatement and remediation of 1,345 square feet of lead and asbestos from this US Coast Guard Cutter “Sledge.” Paint with regulated compounds was safely contained and removed, aboard this vessel and an associated barge, by using an innovative new laser technology combining the use of a water vapor suppressed media blaster with air powered needle scalers.



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Asbestos Abatement in Very Tight Quarters

Peninsula Health Center Abatement,

Newport News VA


Abatement of the Peninsula Health Center in Newport News, VA, required full removal of fire-stopping, sprayed, friable asbestos insulation, while under full negative pressure containment. All abatement activities were conducted while the mechanical space below was left accessible to service personnel.  The work was completed during multiple shifts to ensure that the building occupants had no exposure during load out of hazardous material.



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Abatement With Environmental Preservation

Meadowbrooke Elementary School Abatement, Norfolk VA


ABATEMENT & HEAVY DEMOLITION  In preparation for heavy demolition of the existing 46,000 square foot structure, abatement of all friable materials was completed. In close proximity to the surrounding neighborhood Macsons crews worked with minimal interruption to residents. Twenty mature trees were preserved, buildings were demolished and over 75% of the materials were recycled, keeping them out of area landfills. Macsons completed every aspect of the project with trained in-house workers.



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Specialized PCB Hazardous Materials Removal

Great Neck Middle School Abatement, Virginia Beach VA


Macsons demolished 110,060 sq ft of a 2 story middle school, located in Virginia Beach, VA.  The job Involved the removal of asbestos materials, lead in construction,  and hazardous PCB Caulk and PCB contaminated soils.  Because abatement was performed both prior to and during demolition, special handling and disposal of asbestos contaminated materials was required.  Using heavy equipment significantly reduced the overall project cost.



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Severe water damage abatement in historic Whittaker Hospital Building, Hampton VA

Careful Containment in Abatement Process


Historic Whittaker Hospital Building, Select Demolition, Hampton VA


THE ABATEMENT of this 64,000 SF building involved mass contaminated debris cleanup due to severe water damage throughout. Working around collapsed walls and ceilings, everything from thermal system insulations to flooring materials to ceiling textures was abated.  Crews worked through weekends in order to complete the full job scope on time, and make the building accessible for other grades.



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Abatement of asbestos in wall and flooring of historic Essex Building, Norfolk VA

Historic Downtown Building Preserved and Improved


Historic Essex Building, Abatement and Select Demolition, Norfolk VA


The Plume Street Essex building required all abatement, salvage, and demolition activities to facilitate the renovation of the historic three story building in downtown Norfolk.  Abatement included removal of asbestos containing wall and ceiling plaster as well as asbestos containing flooring materials.  Items of historical value were salvaged throughout to allow for the selective demolition of specified walls, elevators, and other structural components. The entire first floor slab was also meticulously removed without damaging existing foundations or remaining exterior walls.



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City of Norfolk Circuit Court ceiling asbestos abatement and PCB mercury abatement, Norfolk VA

Full Abatement Prior to Demolition

City of Norfolk Circuit Court Abatement, Norfolk VA


Demolition of the Circuit Court in Norfolk consisted of demolishing 102,500 square feet of the two story building in Downtown, including the steel framed underground basement. Abatement included all bulbs/ballasts (PCB/ mercury); 72,000+ SF of floor tile and mastic (non-friable asbestos); 10,000+ SF of wall and ceiling plaster (friable asbestos); 7,500+ LF of duct and pipe insulation and mastic (friable); and 2,500 LF of window glazing (non-friable.) Over 3,715 tons of concrete were recycled. The building was less than 60 feet from City Hall, which remained open and active throughout demolition, with no interruptions.



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Deconstruction and abatement of General District Court Building, Norfolk VA

Abatement and Prior to Heavy Demolition

City of Norfolk General District Court Abatement, Norfolk VA


The Norfolk General District Court demolition required precise deconstruction of an area of structure, which was tightly situated between the General Safety Building and the new General District Courts building, with only a 6" clearance. Abatement included all bulbs and ballasts (PCB & mercury), with over 25,000 square feet of floor tile and mastic (non-friable asbestos), 26,000+ SF of wall and ceiling plaster (friable asbestos); 5,000 LF of duct and pipe insulation and mastic (friable); and 3,400 LF of window glazing, (non-friable.) Abatement took 2,200 man hours to implement, and was completed on time.


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Asbestos removal throughout multi-story historic building, Cavalier Hotel and Country Club, Virginia Beach VA

Asbestos Abatement in Historic Landmark

Cavalier Hotel & Country Club Abatement, Virginia Beach Oceanfront


Since the Cavalier Hotel and Country Club at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront is a historic landmark, deconstruction of the interior required coordination of asbestos abatement and select demolition. Abatement was critical to successful demolition, which also necessitated meticulous preservation of the historical components of the building.



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Environmentally hazardous building materials abatement, including asbestos, PVB and lead-Norfolk VA

Asbestos Abatement of Hazardous Materials

US Navy Housing Abatement and Demolition, Norfolk VA


DEMOLITION & ABATEMENT on this job required the removal of environmentally hazardous materials, including Asbestos, PCB, and lead. Engineering and shoring plans were engineered to maintain structural integrity, involving specialty structural considerations, saw cutting, shoring and demolition. Removal of elevators and Pearlite roof was necessary while maintaining a demolition and abatement workforce exceeding 80 skilled workers.


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Multi building abatement at Goddard Space Flight Center, Eastern Shore VA

PCB's, Mercury and Lead Abatement

 NASA • Goddard Space Flight Center Abatement, Eastern Shore VA


DEMOLITION & ABATEMENT was increased from one to seventeen structures because of the methodical manner in which abatement and deconstruction was implemented.  Site work included a launch-pad facility as well as removal of asbestos and protection of active NASA Space Station communication lines running through crawl space of buildings selected for demolition.



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Containment and abatement of hazardous materials at DePaul Medical Center, Norfolk VA

Abatement of Hazardous Materials by Working Areas

DePaul Hospital • Bon Secours Medical Center Abatement, Norfolk VA


ABATEMENT, hauling, and disposal of the Vincent Building at DePaul Medical Center required special containment, removal and handling of hazardous materials because the building was directly attached to an operating portion of the hospital complex. An estimated 98% of the building debris was recycled, processed and reconstructed by Macsons into a new Doctor's Parking Lot.



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Demolition and Abatement After Tornado

 Page Middle School Abatement, Norfolk VA


ABATEMENT & HEAVY DEMOLITION of Page Middle School consisted of demolishing and removal of  identified portions of the school that were damaged by a tornado. The work also involved remediation and abatement, and legal disposal of all asbestos containing materials, lead based painted materials, and mercury thermostats.



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Asbestos panels removed from CMC Rebar Building in Norfolk VA

Asbestos Panels Individually Removed

CMC Rebar Building Abatement, Norfolk VA


ABATEMENT & HEAVY DEMOLITION of  the CMC Rebar Building required abatement removal and disposal of friable and non-friable materials, followed by complete heavy demolition of the building. Four men with boom lifts executed the work one panel at a time. Heavy demolition removed and disposed of three warehouses and an office building totaling 64,074 square feet.



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