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A helping organization: The heart of Adipsy is to provide restoration away from the difficulties of cancer.


Built in 1956, the Lynnhaven Fishing Pier extended 1480 feet from the shoreline into the Chesapeake Bay. The pilings on which the pier stood were damaged by two hurricanes and rotted beyond repair. Macsons' responsibility was to dismantle the deck from the water, leaving no debris, which required adherence to specific environmental considerations. Pier members were then carefully transported for disposal, leaving the ocean floor below in pristine condition. Only 160 feet of the original pier surface remains.

Lynnhaven Fishing Pier

Offshore demolition of a condemned fishing pier from a barge.

Lincoln Park Implosion

There's more than one way to bring a building down. This is the fast way.

Responsible Demolition

Our entire demolition service stands on environmental, social, ethical, and contractual responsibility.

Environmental Responsibility


Environmental Responsibility means that Macsons is dedicated to safe abatement  in demolition and preservation of environmental standards and regulations, and materials resulting from demolition are recycled.


Social Responsibility


Social responsibility entails making sure that hiring is without discrimination, workers are treated with equity, and clients, supervisors and subcontractors are respected.


Ethical Responsibility


Ethically responsible demolition means keeping promises, watching deadlines, and meeting quality control standards.


Contractual Responsibility


Contractual responsibility ensures that Macsons jobs meet deadlines, monitor and coordinate objectives, hold compliance with all state and federal regulations, and completion results in a clear site.

   Macsons Demolition Services


  • Heavy Demolition Services

      Complete destruction of an existing structure.



  • Selective Demolition Services

      Deconstruction of a specially selected structure.



  • Asbestos Abatement and Removal

      Safe, contained removal of environmentally hazardous materials,

      including PCBs, and EPA regulated materials containing lead.



  • Job Site Materials Recycling

      Conversion of demolition rubble into renewable building materials.

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Cigar Factory: Precision Demolition Engineering

Removing everything except the historic brick veneer was a challenge to say the least. The old Cigar Factory in Norfolk required special buttressing, to anchor the bricks, while the entire interior and back part of the buidling was demolished.  Demolition can be just as much restorative as it is destructive.

Downtown Tunnel: Special Engineering Challenges

Removing the ceiling of the Norfolk Downtown Tunnel without obstructing traffic was a challenge, and regulated carefully by VDOT. Macsons not only completed the job without any significant interruption of traffic flow by working all night, the job was completed before its deadline.

Demolition is progressive; old making way for new.

There are many reasons why a building needs to be taken down. There is some form of progress in every demolition. So when the job is implemented, the next phase is considered in depth, so that what remains after demolition is complete sets the stage for the construction that follows.



Asbestos removal requires careful work.

The need for technical accuracy and exactitude with heavy equipment is paramount when the main portion of a building is required to remain, while asbestos laden panels are removed.

There's too slow, and too fast. Just right is the goal.

Sometimes scheduling and job duration are critical to the property.  Some jobs need to be done as efficiently as possible, others require them to be right before rushed. Whichever way, Macsons' goal is to stay on schedule, and also do it right.